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Preventive Exams

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Annual Physical Exams 

Preoperative Examinations

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Comprehensive Cancer Screenings

Travel Medicine

STI Screening

Contraceptive Management

Pediatric Care

Pediatrician Examining Infant

Infant Weight Checks

Well Child Checks

School and Sports Physicals

Developmental Assessments

Acne Therapy

Sports Medicine


Image by Olga Kononenko

Joint injections

Laceration repair / stitches

Liquid nitrogen treatments for warts

Cryotherapy or excision of skin tags

Cyst removals, abscess drainage

Excision of moles, suspicious growths

IUD Insertion (IUD extra fee)


Botox Cosmetic (additional fee)

Botox (members) - $10 per unit 

Weight Loss / Hormone Wellness

Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation

Nutrition Evaluation

Medical Weight Loss

Hormone / Testosterone Evaluation

Chronic Care



Mental Health / Depression / Anxiety

Thyroid Management


Complex Care Coordination


End of Life Care

Other Ways We Save You Money

Lab Discounts

Image by National Cancer Institute

Discounted Lab and Pathology

Annual labs (CBC, CMP, TSH, Lipids, Pap for women, PSA for men 50+) included with membership.

Here are prices for some commonly drawn labs:

CBC - $10
CMP - $10
Estradiol - $20
FSH - $10
Hereditary Hemochromatosis DNA Mutation Analysis - $150 
Lipid Panel - $10
TSH - $10
Free T3 - $15
Vitamin B12 - $10
Vitamin D - $30

Radiology Discounts

Pelvic X-Ray

Discounted Radiology Pricing

Radiology pricing as below per contract with Family Health West in Fruita.  (*Prices subject to change by FHW.)

X Ray - one free per year as medically indicated, otherwise $40 
CT (WITH contrast) $550
MRI (NO contrast) - $750 
Bone Density (DXA) - $155 
Ultrasound - $280
Screening Mammogram - $210


Additional Benefits

Image by Alexander Grey

Telemedicine Visits 

Home Visits

Extended Visits (30-60 Minutes)

Discounted Supplements

Discounted Prescription Medications

Discount Supplement Formulary

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