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Individual Memberships


Individual - $89/month or $979/year (1 month free with annual membership)

Couples - $175/month or $1,925/year (1 month free with annual membership)


Child - $20/month or $240/year (with adult membership)


Family - $200/month or $2,200/year (1 month free with annual membership, includes 2 adults and 2 children)

Enrollment Fee - $99 Per Family

Home visits - no charge for 20 mile radius, $3 total per mile for visits beyond 20 miles.

Employer Group Memberships

Direct Primary Care Advantages for Employers

Dr. Miller understands the challenge as a small business owner, wanting to care for your employees in every way possible, but then discovering that health insurance benefits are just prohibitively expensive!  Contracting with Dr. Miller directly allows for you to provide the most important aspect of healthcare for your employees at affordable prices, the preventive and day-to-day care that is proven to keep individuals out of the hospital.

Cost Reduction Benefits to Employers for Providing Direct Primary Care Services to Employees. 
Your Small Business Healthcare Solution

There are many options that you can tailor to your situation:

  • Include the families of your employees, or leave that up to the employee.

  • Provide high deductible insurance for your employees or not.

  • Pay for medications and other incidentals in addition to their monthly membership fees.

  • Opt to cover only monthly membership fees and allow them to cover incidentals

  • Encourage them in discovering Dr. Miller for themselves and pay their enrollment fee

No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that covering a membership in our clinic will not only communicate to your employees that their well-being matters to your business, but also reap the benefits of better physical and mental health in your workforce.

Contact our office to discuss how to set up a payment arrangement that will work for you.

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